D PAYSAGE is a practice that brings together the expertise of five landscape architects and an administrative assistant. With a wide variety of international qualifications, our staff profiles are both diverse and complementary, bringing a uniquely broad range of experience to the D PAYSAGE practice. The D PAYSAGE practice was set up in 2002 to continue the landscape design work started by Diala Haddad in 1995, under her own name. Clients thus benefit from more than 27 years of experience, improvements and innovation. The practice takes a socially sensitive approach to landscape architecture with constant attention to perfecting the smallest details. Working with a diverse range of contexts and project sizes, we are well accustomed to adapting our methodology to the needs of the project and the requirements of the Client. We do however, rigorously follow the project process, ensuring that the entire design phase is properly covered. Each project is unique. One of the great strengths of the D PAYSAGE practice is our attention to detail at the implementation stage. Designed in conjunction with the appropriate consultants, each project benefits from considerable advance preparation with regards to technical and aesthetic solutions, the two being inextricably linked. The reactive and dynamic nature of the practice is also greatly appreciated by our partners. D PAYSAGE is a small scale practice, and we wish to remain so in order to continue producing high quality work and offering greater availability to our clients.