Serris town hall plaza
A citizens’ plaza
The Peninsula Hotel
A five star garden in the heart of Paris
The Noyer Doré Park
A terraced park for a new neighbourhood
Esplanade for the new Anova Exhibition Hall
Cultural city gateway
SIAAP Roof terrace
A water themed composition
The Chancellerie Neighbourhood
Urban redevelopment
Les Bleuets
A stepped housing development
Re-making Alençon Lace
Re-making Alençon Lace
Bringing nature back to town
Private rooftop
Green room
Corporate rooftop
Emiri Terminal, Doha Airport
A prestigious environment
Stud Farm and site master planning
A stud farm in the bocage
historical landscapes
Western Front Interpretive Centre (WFIC)
preserve the memory's view
Smirlian housing project
A shared street on a human scale
Bahrain International Airport
Bahrain airport modernization
Chengdu International airport
New Visitor Centre
The American Cemetery at Omaha Beach
Casa Green Town
On the edge of the Bouskoura forest
Hanging gardens
The Grandes Combes in Courchevel
Integrating a sports centre into a natural site
Children’s Home in Sucy-en-Brie
Dialogue between town and forest
Exteriors for the Montauban Media Centre
A plaza for cultural events
A federating base
Meaux Institute of Trades & Crafts
Transition from rural to urban
Territorial studies
Place Gutenberg
On the remains of an ancient fortress
Coulommiers hospital residential centre
Life renewed
Quemado Hotel
A tourist resort clinging to the cliffs
Villa Carteret
School complex in Saint-Jean-de-Monts
From beach to school
Tremblay Human Rights Plaza
Invitation to enter into an urban clearing
A PassivHaus hamlet
Villa "Les Fontaines Dieu"
Heart block
Human Rights Plaza
Discovering historical water channels
Bouskoura Golf City
A new town in the heart of the forest
Place Suchetet and a new build sports complex
A park inspired by weaving looms
Place de Marronniers
A public square becomes a garden
Middle Euphrates International Airport
An airport between palm groves and arid dunes
Tripoli Airport
Segments of the Libyan desert
Marrakech Golf City
Ancient olive grove leitmotif
Green parking lot
Barnard Park
Between a Victorian layout and a busy neighbourhood
Souani resort
An authentic and memorable setting
Chrifia Resort
Transforming traditional into contemporary
Radisson Golf Hotel
In the midst of the golf course
Gérard Philippe School Complex
An open space linking school and neighbourhood
Dream Castle Hotel
Between agricultural and tourist landscapes