Diala Haddad landscape architect, principal

With an international background and education, Diala easily adapted to the different geographical and multicultural contexts of a number of countries before settling in France in 1988. As the founder of D PAYSAGE, and with 27 years experience, Diala manages the projects and the different teams within the practice. She is also responsible for the business development, public relations and for interactions with our various partners (architects, engineers, lighting consultants, etc.) After her studies in Edinburgh and several years working in London, she came to Paris to work for API landscape architects, and later worked in-house for the Disney Development Corporation on the development of Euro-Disney. The wealth of experience she gained during these years informed her decision to set up practice in her own name in 1994. When the multinational practice EDAW decided to open a branch in France, Diala was invited to be the director, in recognition of her considerable experience from the design phase right through to project completion and handover, for her intimate knowledge of the French landscape sector and for her fluency in several languages. In this position, Diala further developed her skills in the management of major international projects.

Since founding the D PAYSAGE practice in 2002, she has continued to work on projects in a wide variety of areas of landscape architecture in France, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Following her involvement in the New Doha International Airport, D PAYSAGE has been invited to contribute to other major projects such as the airports in Tripoli (Libya) and Kerbala (Irak). Despite a busy overseas schedule, Diala keeps a very close eye on all the projects under way in the office. She regularly organises workshops and meetings with her colleagues, encouraging exchanges between members of the different project teams as a principle of good practice management. On a regular basis Diala participates in visits by overseas students from the Landscape Architecture schools and provides advice on their diploma projects in the Paris area. (Diala communicates in French, English and Arabic.)

Noémie Sabban landscape architect

Noémie exemplifies the D PAYSAGE philosophy in terms of her progression through the practice and her length of service. She worked with the practice as an intern in 2003 and again in 2004 as part of her BTS studies in Landscape Design, participating fully in the energy and spirit of the practice. Her involvement in projects from A to Z and the international nature of the team at D PAYSAGE encouraged her to continue her landscape studies in Switzerland (at the Lullier School of Engineering) where she received a very thorough training covering all aspects of the profession: analysis, urban planning, design, botanical and technical. After completing her diploma, Noémie worked for one year at the Taktyk studio where she took part in a number of international and urban planning competitions. When a position became available at D PAYSAGE in 2008, she did not hesitate to come back to the roots of her professional career and joined the fast growing practice as a landscape architect. Today at D PAYSAGE, Noémie works on all phases of the projects she is involved in. Her attention to detail and her thoroughness in the project implementation stage make her an ideal team member on complex projects. Her technical expertise in construction details is constantly expanding. (Noémie communicates in French and English.)

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Céline Santerre Administrative assistant

Céline joined the practice to alleviate Diala from the considerable administrative workload. Trained in architectural secretarial skills, she has always provided telephone reception, worked on tender preparation and accounting tasks. With time she has taken on the task of assisting in responding to request for proposals and tenders. Céline brings considerable skills in practice administration (travel arrangements, diary management, accounts coordination, etc.) but also in updating the database and the practice portfolio. In addition, Céline’s personal interest in the practice’s work in the field and her passion for photography have encouraged her take on the documentation of new project sites as well as completed projects. (Céline communicates in French.)

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