Tripoli, Libya (2010)
client: Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Secretariat of Communication and Transportation
design team: ADPI (lead architect / engineering) and D PAYSAGE (landscape-architects)
D PAYSAGE : Diala Haddad, Lysann Schmidt
surface area: 132 000 m²
budget: n.c. € HT

Tripoli Airport  --

Our aim was to create a memorable place for travellers arriving or leaving the new Tripoli International Airport. Given the beauty of the Libyan desert, we chose to symbolise this natural landscape in the hall of the airport. Large inclined segments, held by corten walls, appear as slices of the Libyan Desert, located in the arrival hall to welcome passengers upon their arrival. . The dunes are planted with palm trees and grasses representing the natural vegetation of the desert. Reflecting pools symbolise oases in the desert.

The patios on the departure level symbolise the gardens of Paradise that represent a place of coolness and shade, precious and luxurious spaces, in contrast to the surrounding arid landscape. Terraces planted with flowering shrubs and ornamental trees are visible from the departure lounges and invite passengers to reflect before setting off on their journey. Outside the terminal the parking is planted with shade trees to reduce the expansive hardscape surface. A central landscaped axis separates the two parking areas and encourages the public towards the terminal.