Montauban, France (2012)
open competition, winning project, full scope
client: Montauban town
design team: Colboc Franzen Associés (lead architect), D PAYSAGE (landscapes), ATPI (infrastructure), SB&B (lighting)
D PAYSAGE : Diala Haddad, Lysann Schmidt, Juliette Mahalin
surface area: 5 355 m²
budget: 7 000 000 € HT

Exteriors for the Montauban Media Centre  --

A high profile project at the eastern entrance to the town, the Montauban Media Centre esplanade is designed around a simple principle: encouraging access for all to a public venue dedicated to culture. Located on the edge of a neighbourhood undergoing a major renewal programme, the Montauban Media Centre is an essential component that energises the town’s remodelling. It also provides a counterpoint to the green belt, another structural element of the neighbourhood. The topography echoes the architectural volumes. The mono-directional linear vegetation underlines the modern and iconic silhouette, whilst guiding the public towards the entrance. The warm tones of the materials such as the terracotta brick inserts, the corten and the pumice mulching are enlivened by the linearity of the silver bands of lavender and artemesias. This low aromatic planting, recalling a dry stony field, naturally follows the contour of the ground and makes the entire esplanade easy to read from all angles. The Gleditsia tree planting provides a graphic shadow that stands out on this mainly hardscape esplanade. In the autumn, the tree leaves offer an additional attraction with their golden colour, illuminating the sloping sides of the façades. This space represents a simple ordered design which brings together a multifunctional space.