Doha, Qatar (2012)
client: NDIA
design team: ADPI (lead architect/ engineering) and D PAYSAGE (landscape architects)
D PAYSAGE : Diala Haddad
surface area: 55 000 m²
budget: NC € HT

Emiri Terminal, Doha Airport  --

The design intent is to provide a prestigious environment for the Emir’s and VIP Terminal, which will give those arriving and those leaving a memorable experience. The landscaping sits well in its natural environment, using plant species that are tolerant of both drought and exposed sea conditions.

The design principle is inspired by the image of coral reefs. The low walls represent the various strata of the reef and form a sculptural and waving landscape with low terracing. These lines of walls cross the landscape and accompany a series of planting beds that become more and more luxurious as they approach the buildings. Solitary specimen trees, ornamental trees, palm trees, flowering shrubs and ground covers together provide a variety of shapes and textures that form a rich composition, comparable to that of the coral reefs. The geometric shape of the fountain is in direct contrast with the surrounding organic environment. Shade structures are integrated into this landscape whilst covering the parking areas in order to limit the brightness and reflection of the sun.