Villiers le Bel, France (2014)
open competition, winning project, full scope
client: The town of Villiers le Bel
design team: Dollé-Labbé (lead architects), D PAYSAGE (landscape architects), ETB Antonelli (infrastructure engineers), MDETC (quantity surveyors)
D PAYSAGE : Diala Haddad, Lysann Schmidt
surface area: 6 850 m²
budget: 8 300 000 € HT

Gérard Philippe School Complex  --

The esplanade is an essential part of the project. It provides a generous setting to the school and allows social intermingling after or before school hours. The planted sunken islands around the open space provide rain water collection points. The islands are accompanied by wall-benches at different heights to cater for all members of the public. The school complex building divides the site into two parts where the playgrounds are located, independent from each other but linked by a covered walkway. The majority of the classrooms in the kindergarten are equipped with an outside space protected by wooden pedestals. Multi-coloured graphic strips marked in the asphalt on the ground alternating with the linear wooden pedestals, form a dynamic and playful setting in the playgrounds. This strip layout reflects the historical site plot arrangement.