Paris, France (2014)
client: Katara hospitality, Hong-Kong and Shanghai Hotel, Majestic Hotel
design team: Richard Martinet (lead architect), D PAYSAGE (landscape architect), FMS (lighting)
D PAYSAGE : Diala Haddad, Virginie Michaud, Jean-Baptiste Lacombe
surface area: 40 000 m²
budget: 338 000 000 € HT

The Peninsula Hotel  --

This new Parisian palace, situated very close to the Arc de Triomphe, is noteworthy for its proportions and incredible façades and includes over 2,000m² of external space. The landscaping helps to underline the classical architecture and accompanies the interior design, which is elegant and refined, using grand materials. Predominantly white flowering shrubs and plants will contrast with the green foliage and will carry out the signature colour and thread of the landscape design for the Peninsula hotel throughout the building, starting from the ground floor, rising through all the floors to the top of hotel. The landscaping of the main entrance makes it strikingly identifiable from the Avenue des Portugais. The granite paving stones continue right to the edge of the road, with a uniform pattern throughout the entire entrance, creating an entrance hall worthy of this palace. The Kléber Terrace houses a composition of topiary plants underneath a monumental glass canopy. The balustrades are planted with an ornamental mixed bed that is renewed three times a year for seasonal flowering effects. The central ground floor patio offers a bright and elegant atmosphere thanks to the combination of plants and hardscape elements. The lighting and the planters in oxidised brass, whose diffused and irregular reflectivity highlights the details of the stone, contrasting with the tender green of the tree ferns. The balconies and private terraces are planted to provide a rhythm along the hotel façades. The upper roof private terraces are designed as an extension of the suites. Screens in woven aluminium afford privacy to the terraces and set off the planting. The bar terrace reinforces the exclusive nature of the hotel by framing the incredible views over Paris and particularly towards the Eiffel Tower.  The Lighting scheme will be integrated to the planting to add an enchanting and poetic touch, reflecting the constellation above and in the background the tinselling lights of the Eiffel Tour.