Bois Colombes, France (2014)
client: Bouygues Immobilier
design team: MP&A (lead architect), D PAYSAGE (landscape architects), SNC Lavalin (infrastructure engineers), SCP Barrere et Dufau (surveyors), Qualiconsult (technical inspection agency)
D PAYSAGE : Diala Haddad, Lysann Schmidt, Virginie Michaud
surface area: 5 260 m²
budget: 9 000 000 € HT

Smirlian housing project  --

The project includes the construction of housing, the creation of a street with shared spaces and the design of a plaza in front of the sports centre. The landscape design principle has been particularly influenced by the existing steep slope, the existing large specimen trees located in the gardens, the rhythm and form of the past plots, and the materials used on the façades and the surrounding enclosures (bricks, low walls,). The street has been designed to privilege pedestrian flow and to slow down vehicular circulation by providing a streetscape at a human scale.