Marrakech, Morocco (2012)
client: Addoha Prestigia
design team: D PAYSAGE (lead landscape architects)
D PAYSAGE : Diala Haddad, Noémie Sabban
surface area: 215 000 m²
budget: 1 760 000 € HT

Marrakech Golf City  --

The landscaping principles developed on this project anchor the MGC Resort in the local Moroccan context in order to give it its own specific identity as a unique destination in Marrakech. Our approach was to design an environmentally friendly and conscious landscape, recalling the historic and poetic past of the place. The remains of the ancient existing olive groves were reinforced by reintroducing the olive grove as a leitmotif knitting together the various components of the outdoor spaces, where play areas swimming pools and seating areas nestle underneath the olive grids.