Al Hoceima, Morocco (2012)
client: Compagnie Générale Immobilière
design team: Patrick Génard (architect), D PAYSAGE (landscape architects) and Novec (infrastructure engineers)
D PAYSAGE : Diala Haddad, Jean-Baptiste Lacombe
surface area: 20 000 m²
budget: 230 000 € HT

Souani resort  --

Situated a few kilometres from Al Hoceima, on the Mediterranean coast, the Souani site is set in a forested environment that is sufficiently rare in the region. This prominent existing landscape component became the main element of our design. We aimed at preserving as many of the existing trees as possible, integrating the buildings within the existing forest and contributing to the regeneration of the fragile ecosystem of dunes. The design controlled and managed traffic and pedestrian flow in order to reduce the footprint of impermeable hardscape areas and building footprints, thus promoting and encouraging spontaneous natural vegetation regeneration to stabilize the sand. Water management was also a strong design criteria where all lawn areas were restricted, a wide range of drought tolerant species have been specified. Impermeable mineral surfaces have been reduced to an absolute minimum, and car park areas  are constructed with 100% permeable materials.