Paris, France (2011)
client: Multi-county Syndicate for Water Treatment in the Paris Conurbation (SIAAP)
design team: M.F. Baldran (lead architect), D PAYSAGE (landscape architect)
D PAYSAGE : Diala Haddad, Noémie Sabban
surface area: 1 000 m²
budget: 5 000 000 € HT

SIAAP Roof terrace  --

The design of the roof garden terrace is inspired by the SIAAP’s work, symbolising the fundamental notions of water purification by:  the use of a planting palette with shades of blue and grey, by an orthogonal grid design representing water pipelines and frameworks.  A series of water channels are integrated within the paving pattern design to collect rain water runoff and for sustainable water management purposes.

The garden provides an external room for lunch breaks and relaxation, but also for receptions. The SIAAP garden is not simply a “showcase”, it has been thoughtfully designed as an integral part of the company’s headquarters. This clear choice is revealed in the continuity of materials between the interior and the exterior. Research into the outdoor furniture and the lighting has followed the same clear wish to be multi-functional and to encourage staff to take ownership of the space. Rainwater harvesting from the planted roof brings a cool touch to the southwest-facing garden. The network of water channels comes alive when it rains, and when dry, they underline the orthogonal structure of the layout.