Bourges, France (2013)
client: Ville de Bourges, SEM Territoria
design team: Agence RVA (lead architect) D PAYSAGE (landscape architect),SOGREAH (infrastructure engineers)
D PAYSAGE : Diala Haddad, Virginie Michaud, Jean-Baptiste Lacombe
surface area: 60 000 m²
budget: 5 800 000 € HT

The Chancellerie Neighbourhood  --

The urban renewal project at the Chancellerie includes major redevelopment and rehabilitation of the public spaces. The steep topography of the site dictated the design team in creating a series of squares and public spaces located at different levels as well as the use of planted swales for storm water management, directing the rainwater run off to the Moulon plain located at the lowest point of the site.

The tree lined major axes benefits from planted swales located on both sides of the road providing a buffer between the vehicular traffic and pedestrian circulation. The small public squares and esplanades are planted with multi-stemmed trees to provide relaxing more intimate spaces contrasting with the large scale of tree lined boulevard and streets.