Serris town hall plaza
A citizens’ plaza
The Noyer Doré Park
A terraced park for a new neighbourhood
Esplanade for the new Anova Exhibition Hall
Cultural city gateway
SIAAP Roof terrace
A water themed composition
The Chancellerie Neighbourhood
Urban redevelopment
Les Bleuets
A stepped housing development
Re-making Alençon Lace
Re-making Alençon Lace
Corporate rooftop
Smirlian housing project
A shared street on a human scale
Chengdu International airport
The Grandes Combes in Courchevel
Integrating a sports centre into a natural site
Exteriors for the Montauban Media Centre
A plaza for cultural events
A federating base
Meaux Institute of Trades & Crafts
Transition from rural to urban
Place Gutenberg
On the remains of an ancient fortress
Quemado Hotel
A tourist resort clinging to the cliffs
School complex in Saint-Jean-de-Monts
From beach to school
Tremblay Human Rights Plaza
Invitation to enter into an urban clearing
A PassivHaus hamlet
Heart block
Human Rights Plaza
Discovering historical water channels
Bouskoura Golf City
A new town in the heart of the forest
Place Suchetet and a new build sports complex
A park inspired by weaving looms
Place de Marronniers
A public square becomes a garden
Middle Euphrates International Airport
An airport between palm groves and arid dunes
Green parking lot
Barnard Park
Between a Victorian layout and a busy neighbourhood
Gérard Philippe School Complex
An open space linking school and neighbourhood
Dream Castle Hotel
Between agricultural and tourist landscapes